FREQ008: Extraterrestrial - "S/T" CS

Extraterrestrial - Extraterrestrial

Side A:
To Establish The Reality Of Extraterrestrial Visitors To Our Planet (2:55)
To Examine Evidence Which Suggests That Our Governments May Not Be Telling Us The Whole Truth (1:23)
To Evaluate The Abduction Phenomenon And The Questions That Arise From The Accounts Of Abductees (0:34)

Side B:
To Explore What We Can Learn About Extraterrestrials From Channelling And Channellers; (0:39)
To Examine The Link Between Spirituality And Extraterrestrial Visitors (0:06)
To Shake In Whatever Small Way The Blind Faith That Scientific Materialism Can Provide Answers (1:00)
To Make The Call//Awareness (2:53)

Total Running Time: 9:25