FREQ009: Hoverkraft - "Musik Für Starports" CS

Hoverkraft - Musik Für Starports

Side A:
Toward The Stargate: Third Eye Open (14:17)
Toward The Stargate: Void Horizons (10:11)
Between The Spheres | Beneath The Planes (7:31)

Side B:
Trismegistus's Kosmic Tea (2:00)
Pisces Borealis: Ophiuchus Vel Serpentarius (18:49)
Mülen Weg (11:27)

Total Running Time: 1:04:13


FREQ008: Extraterrestrial - "S/T" CS

Extraterrestrial - Extraterrestrial

Side A:
To Establish The Reality Of Extraterrestrial Visitors To Our Planet (2:55)
To Examine Evidence Which Suggests That Our Governments May Not Be Telling Us The Whole Truth (1:23)
To Evaluate The Abduction Phenomenon And The Questions That Arise From The Accounts Of Abductees (0:34)

Side B:
To Explore What We Can Learn About Extraterrestrials From Channelling And Channellers; (0:39)
To Examine The Link Between Spirituality And Extraterrestrial Visitors (0:06)
To Shake In Whatever Small Way The Blind Faith That Scientific Materialism Can Provide Answers (1:00)
To Make The Call//Awareness (2:53)

Total Running Time: 9:25


FREQ006: Kerker - "Wolkenwald" CS

Kerker - Wolkenwald

Side A:

I (46:44)

Side B:

II (45:04)

Total Running Time: 1:31:48



FREQ003: Kerker - "Extinction Ceremony" CS

Kerker - Extinction Ceremony

Side A:

I (20:54)

II (19:36)

Side B:

III (20:22)

Total Running Time: 1:00:51